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NWLL World Series team at the Drive Sunday

Greenville, SC - The Upstate is a proud baseball community, with the national pastime's roots reaching deep into the local history. Over the past few weeks, the Northwood Little League team based out of Taylors has etched itself into that history on the strength of its success and sportsmanship, and the Greenville Drive will be honoring them for their success throughout the final 2015 night game at Fluor Field on Sunday, September 6th at 7:05 PM.....

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Majors play in Warner Robins (Click image to see bracket)

Thank you Chris Posey!


Northwood Little League is proud to present and honor Chris Posey for his service to the League over the last decade.    The League presented a sign in honor of Chris that has renamed Field 3 as “Chris Posey Field”.     Chris Posey played at Northwood Little League in the early years of the league and is a graduate of Eastside High School.    As his sons, Will and Wyatt, started playing in the league, you could find Chris coaching many of the teams that they played on and helping out in many of the daily operations around Corey Burns.    Chris also held many leadership positions within Northwood over the last decade.   These included the Coaches Pitch Director (2009, 2010), Minor League Director (2011) and President (2012, 2013, 2014).   Currently,   Chris serves as the Director of Tournaments for District 7 in South Carolina.   No job was too big or too small for Chris.   During both the regular season and tournament seasons, you could find him doing everything around Corey Burns.    Whether it was cooking his famous bar-be-que in the wee hours of the morning or being the first to arrive for afternoon games to open concessions, Chris was an integral piece to daily operations.  He was also instrumental in bringing the scoreboards to Northwood Little League that we enjoy today.    Tournament teams at Northwood also experienced unprecedented success during this run as President.   It was not uncommon to see all levels of Tournament Teams sweep District Championships, win State Championships, and represent Northwood in Southeastern Regionals as well as appear on ESPN in 2013.    We would also like to recognize Chris’ wife, Jamie, who also was integral in operations and was there to help any time there needed to be an extra set of hands around league.     It is the volunteerism and passion that Chris brought to Northwood that makes this such a successful league.   He truly set the standard as a role model for future leadership within the league.  We thank you for your time and service! 





Northwood Little League is proud to roll out a new TEXTING communication tool that we will be using to communicate weather, field conditions and other updates that pertain to Northwood! This new service is FREE and we are encouraging everyone to sign up for this service before the Spring Season to take advantage of this tool. There are two ways to sign up!

1. Text NWLLBASEBALL to 84483 or copy and paste the link below!


You will need to search for Northwood Little League at the website and receive a confirmation code via text.

Northwood in the World Series

Playing for the southeast....

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Watch the SE Regional Championship Game (again)

Little League Pledge

I trust in God
I love my country, and will respect its laws
I will play fair, and strive to win
 But win or lose,  I will always do my best